Why Software Development?

Posted by Andrew Nikonchuk on June 21, 2018

Welcome to my blog. On this site, I will be sharing my experience as I learn code through the Flatiron School’s online full stack web development program. I will be posting about topics I find interesting or merit further exploration.

As I start this journey to learn code, it makes sense to reflect on the “why” of it all. Why software development? Why would I commit to such an intense program of learning new languages and a new field? Why would I want to spend countless hours trying to figure out how a piece of code worked? For me, it comes down to a few life-long interests.

First, I love figuring out how things work. From simple machines to more complicated technology, I have always been fascinated by what goes on “behind the scenes.” With technology so prominent in our lives, I want to know what makes these web applications function. I also enjoy solving problems. The process of breaking a problem down and finding the best solution is a key to learning to code and later on in a career in web development. These core interests have led me to coding.

This course of study is challenging, but I am already enjoying it. With a background in education, I value life-long learning, and I know this is only the start of journey. I am excited to continue and learn enough to launch a career in web development. I look forward to the challenge and problem solving that are involved both in this process and in my future career. Along the way, I hope to share my experience and interests as I learn to code.